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I seem to have had my account cancelled, though did not request this. How can I reestablish this. The website is not helpful . 

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Hi Steven,

I'm not sure what happened here, but since the subscription was cancelled, you'll simply need to sign up again next year on April 7th. I would re-up the subscription manually, but that isn't possible since when the subscription gets cancelled, the payment method on file gets deleted from memory. Since there's no payment method any longer, there's no way to renew the subscription.

One thing I could do is manually expire your subscription, then you could sign up again now. I can give you a coupon code so that you get the 50% V5 Pro discount moving forward. I would do that for you April of next year as well, but if you would like to do it now just to make sure the subscription never lapses, we can do it now. If you would like to do it now, I would simply refund the purchase you just made.

Would you like me to process the refund so you can renew the subscription now?

I would like to resume without losing my saved passwords!

Hi Steven,

You won't lose any of your data no matter what. Data doesn't get removed from the app when a subscription expires. In this case, no matter which route you choose, you won't have any problems with accessing your data. If you wait until next year to renew, then when you're notified your subscription has expired, you'll simply go to our website and sign up again for your Premium subscription. If you want to take care of it now, I'll expire the subscription manually so you can simply purchase it again.

How do you want to procceed?

I will renew next April. Thank you.

No problem at all Steven! Let me know if you have any other questions about mSecure.

Help! This just happened to me as well.  I never got a notice for renewal and I don’t know what to do!

@Brooks Nothing will happen to your data if your subscription is cancelled. I suspect what happened here is that your credit card expired, and the renewal purchase couldn't be completed. I'm not sure on that, but we have been running into this issue more and more as the first year of mSecure 6 has came and went and yearly subscriptions started to renew.

The good news is, I think you may have already re-upped your subscription. Is that correct Brooks, or do you still need help with this?

I have the same issue.  All of a sudden I received an email that my account had been cancelled.  If I go into my account, it is still good for another 2 weeks.  I've renewed,  but my account still shows "Expires on June 7."

@Glenn I just checked your account that uses the same email address you are using here in the support forum, and your subscription is active. It will renew or expire on May 25th of 2024. Since it's showing correctly in our system, you should see it correctly in each mSecure app signed in to that account. Can you open mSecure on all your devices and go to the Account Settings really quick? What expiration date to you see in each device?

Hi Mike.  No expiry date, but it does now say Renews 24 Mar 2024; it took about 20 minutes for the date to update after payment, so for awhile I didn't know if the payment was applying correctly.  This time I paid through Paypal, so I do not know if autopayment will go through next year.  It was concerning as there was no notification of renewal, just a cancellation notice from a company other than mSecure (mSeven via .  My original purchase was through mSecure when DataVis ended Passwords+. To make things even more stressful, since I use FaceID logging in with my phone, it took several attempts to remember my account password.  -- Glenn

@Glenn In the app, it says "Renews On" so I should have said that in my last post. I'm not sure exactly what you men when you say it took 20 minutes for the data to update after payment. If you have the app unlocked when the payment when through, it's possible it won't check our system to see if it was renewed. mSecure probably needed to be restarted in order to go through the check to see if the subscription was renewed.

The reason you saw the cancellation notice is because Paddle tried to renew the subscription automatically, but the payment method stored on the subscription could not process the payment. That typically occurs when the credit card on file has expired, but I'm not entirely sure if that was the case here. I can only see that there were 4 attempts to make the purchase automatically, and it failed each time. At any rate, you were able to renew, so the payment info stored on the subscription will be good moving forward.

Take care Glenn, and do let me know if you need further assistance.

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