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Version 6.1.345.0 Data stopped displaying

mSecure did an auto update from the Play Store and now none of my entries display the data. It shows that I have 371 items, but I cannot figure out how to see them.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi Ken,

I'm sorry for the issue you're experiencing here. You are the first customer to report this issue, so I'm not sure at this time what's causing it to happen. When you say the entries don't display data, can you explain that in more detail? If you could provide a screenshot, without any sensitive information in it of course, that could prove to be very helpful in understanding the problem.

Hi Mike, It may not be a problem after all. I found that if I scroll down 20 or 30 times, my data is there. I just don't know why there are so many blank entries above it. A few screenshots for details. Regards, Ken

Thank you for the screenshots Ken. While it's great to hear your data seems to be intact, this is still a problem. I don't know what's causing it, but you definitely should not see a bunch of records with now data stored in them.

I have a couple more questions. First, what happens when you tap on one of those records? Do you see any data at all? If there's no sensitive data displayed, can you attach a screenshot of one of those record's details?

Second, when you say you're seeing your data after you scroll down, are you sure all your data is present? It sounds like you have about 30-40 records that are blank. Does the total number of records look right in the menu when you subtract those empty records?

Do you happen to have a different device running mSecure that is not showing these types of records, like a Mac or PC?

One more thing, I just checked your account, and it looks like you performed a restore of your data a couple of days ago on the 10th of this month. If there is something wrong with the data in the file you restored from, this could be causing what's happening. What type of file did your restore yoru data from?

Mike, I have attached a screenshot of one of the opened, blank entries. Looks like some were created years ago (2011) I do see my data when open an entry. Not sure about the number of entries... I did check using my PC and the data looks the same. My restore was done because of the blank entries, I thought it might fix the situation. The restore used an mSecure created backup file located on my phone. I think that was all your questions. Thanks, Ken

Thank you for the screenshot and answers Ken. I think you may be dealing with the same issue another forum member's sister is experiencing, but we're not sure what is causing it to happen.

To be sure I'm on the same page with you, everything was working correctly before the upgrade to 6.1. You installed 6.1, then you saw that your records weren't getting displayed. Is that right?

Do you remember which device you saw the blank records on first? Was it on your iPhone, Android or PC?

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