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Viewing attachment msecure 6.1

On my iPhone. When I tap on an attachment it opens a screen that appears to be a temp folder??? I expected that tapping on the attachment would allow me to view it

To be clear… on some records when I tap on the attachment I can actually see it. But on others, it’s the tmp folder that appears on screen

Doesn't happen for me - you might try touching the share button in the bottom left of the screen and save to photos.

If you don't see the share button are you sure you have upgraded to v6.1?

Thanks Andy...I am absolutely certain that I have upgraded to v6.1.... and as I previously mentioned, it's not all records that give the tmp screen when I tap on the attachment. I've tested many records that I have, and some only display that strange tmp folder - whereas others display the image that I tap on.

OK - I hope there isn’t a problem - this is a feature I’ve wanted for a long time - in my initial tests I’ve found that the MSecure viewer shows the file if it is recognised - otherwise you get to use the Share Sheet and are able to export the file wherever you want (I’ve only tested on Apple products - Mac, iPad and iPhone). Let us know if you find a common pattern with the problem files.
I’m testing another record that I have. There are 5 images attached to the record. The first image that I tap on shows that bizarre tmp folder screen. All the other images in this record display as expected when I tap on them.

Hi Noella (and Andy),

If I understand you correctly, this shouldn't be something introduced in mSecure 6.1. We have seen this issue before in the more recent 6.0.x versions, but we have yet to figure out what's happening. There are times when the record somehow loses track of the attachment, and when that happens, it will show a screen like what you attached. The problem is mSecure knows there should be an attachment on the record, but it can't find the attachment that's stored locally.

Really quick, do you remember viewing these particular attachments recently before the 6.1 release?

Also, we can see now in our system's analytics how many attachments are stored in your mSecure account. We have no idea what the data is, of course, but we do know the number. I'm going to have you check in your iCloud Drive account to see how many attachments are showing up there. To do that, open your iPhone's Files app, tap iCloud Drive, tap mSecure, then tap the folder that's named with what looks to be 10 random characters. In that folder, you should see a folder named "attachments." How many items are in that folder?

Mike. One of the records I had has 2 images. The first one I tap on shows the tmp folder and the second displays properly. Before this update I was able to view them both. As for your question with regard to attachments folder. … it shows 0 I’ve attached screen shot

All my attachments display properly on windows laptop…but that hasn’t been updated to new version on msecure yet
Is there a way to roll back to my earlier version of msecure on my iPhone? There are way too many attachments that I cannot view on my iPhone.

Hi Noella,

Sorry it took me this long to get back to you. I was hoping it would have been sooner, but some other things came up here that I had to deal with.

I talked with our developer about this, and we're still not sure how it happened. In your cloud account, we can see the attachments exist, and the records that show they have attachments have the information needed to get the actual attachment object stored in your account. I have a couple of questions to ask you first, but since you are seeing the attachments on your PC, we should have no problems getting them over to your iPhone again.

Before we do anything else, I'm going to have you create a quick backup of your data on your PC. This is only a precaution mostly because we can't explain what caused this to happen. I'm pretty sure you know how to do that, but if needed, open the Settings of mSecure and click "Backups." In the Backups screen you'll see a button to create a new backup. Save it to your desktop so we know there's a good snapshot of your data to restore to.

Next, do you know for sure if this happened after you updated to 6.1? Said another way, do you remember viewing any of these attachments in version 6.0.x on that same iPhone?

If this isn't the same device you were running before the 6.1 update, did you just install the new version on this device? I don't think this is the case, but we're just trying to get as much data as possible to figure out what's happening here.

Yes...this happened once I upgraded to msecure v6.1  Before the upgrade I could view all my attachments on my iphone. This is the same device.

On my ipad, I still have the version 6.0.8 (896) and I can see all my fact some of my records have numerous attachments - One of them I believe has 13 images attached to the record - yet I believe with the new version of mscure on my iphone - I am now limited to 5 attachments ????

I have made a backup of mscure on my laptop. and on my ipad I can see that a backup is also done on my ipad (which indicates it is stored in my iCloud account by default)

Thank you for that Noella. I'm going to need to do some testing tomorrow to see if I can reproduce this on an upgrade to 6.1. Also, what is happening should not have happened. What happened is most likely some type of bug and it did not happen because of new restrictions in the app. We'll do everything we can to get to the bottom of it and fix the problem as quickly as possible. For now, I'm going to take this to our developer to see what he has for next steps in troubleshooting. 

Real quick, we are not aware of a lot of people ever needing more than 5 attachments on one record. Are you saying you need to add more than 5 at the record level? That 5 attachment maximum is not account-wide, but for each record. If you are needing to add more than 5 attachments at a record level, can you let me know what your workflow is and how you use attachments? It may be that we need to create exceptions for that rule but first I need to get some information from you.

Thanks Mike...more info for you in case you require it. My iphone is 14 Pro Max running IOS version 16.4.  At present, there are some of my records that have more than 5 image attachments. I suppose I could create a pdf that would include these images into one file - which would solve the 5 attachments per record issue that I have.  

As for my workflow - I have a record for my office security system which include the administrative user name and password to access the recordings. My record includes the images for the set up of the dvr recordings - images for ddns set up, IP configuration, recording timestamps, etc.  I wanted to have a history of that on my iphone in case there were any issues and I had to re-install the system.  It's not a real deal-breaker for me, as I could create one pdf file that has this information.

No problem at all Noella! One thing to mention real quick, depending on the size of your photos that you add to your PDF file, that could lead to a problem as well. Since we added the "Any File Attachment" feature, we had to add account-wide attachment size restrictions. Also, there is a file size limit as well, so if your photos were big enough, maybe only 4 or 5 of them would make the size of the file too large. I'm not sure on that, because you could make the photos very small, but that does take some effort. At any rate, I will mention this issue with our development team in our meeting this Tuesday.

For the issue with your attachments, our developer would like to get some logging from you. We're hoping that will show us exactly what is happening when mSecure tries to find the attachment for the record stored locally on your device. To do that, follow these steps:

The next step is to get some logging from mSecure. To do that, you will need to follow these instructions:

1. Open mSecure

2. Tap the menu button in the top left of the screen

3. Tap Settings

4. Tap Support near the bottom of the Settings screen

5. Tap "Enable Logging" near the bottom of the screen

6. After logging is enabled, go to any of your records with attachments and tap on one of the attachments

7. Close the attachment window that comes up, then go back to the Support page in the Settings

8. Tap "Send Log" and send the email to ""

9. After you have sent the log, respond to this post letting me know, and I will get the logging over to the developer for analysis

After that, he'll probably need to create a logging built to gather more information, but we'll wait to see what this first round of logging leads to.

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