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Migrate to mSecure from Passwords Plus on a Mac

I'm a longtime user of Passwords Plus on my Mac (MacIOS version 11.7.4), and just purchased mSecure version 6.0.8 (896). Following the instructions, I exported my Passwords Plus to a PassPlus Database Export.CSV file, and tried to import into mSecure following File>Import>DataViz Passwords Plus CSV. I get one (1) entry entitled Passwords Plus Info with all the registrations, etc. info for the Passwords Plus account, but nothing else ... none of my entries.

I have no doubt this is user error, but looking in Support FAQs, I find nothing similar, except a lot of info about reconfiguring the .CSV file ... NOT EASY!

Hi Todd,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry you're having difficulties moving over from Passwords Plus. I'm not sure what's happening here, because the import of a Dataviz file should be very, very simple. We had one issue way back the middle of last year when we first released a version of mSecure 6 with the ability to import Passwords Plus data, but that issue was fixed within about a week. After that, everything has worked as it should. All of that say, I'm hopeful this will be a simple fix.

Also, since the Passwords Plus is a special feature we implemented in tandem with DataViz to help their customers as they transitioned from supporting the Passwords Plus app, the instructions for the transition are actually on their site. Consequently, there are no FAQ entries for this process on

Real quick, are you saying that after the import you have one record in mSecure, and a bunch of fields in that record with all of your Passwords Plus data? I'm confused by what you're describing, so if you can help me understand, I should be able to help. Maybe if you could send a screenshot of what you are seeing in mSecure after importing the PW+ data, that would be helpful. Of course, check to make sure there is no sensitive data in the screenshot before attaching it.


Thanks for getting back to me ... after waiting about 24 hours, mSecure now shows ALL of my old Passwords Plus entries. Actually, since I wasn't seeing my files, I tried the transition import several times, and have multiple copies, which I've gone through and deleted down to one copy of each. What I did get initially, when I sent the support request, was a single record of Passwords Plus (Dataviz), with nothing else imported, and no indication that it was "working." So, I jumped the gun.

Now, going forward, I just need to read all the available information about syncing, so I can utilize all the features.

Thank you!

That's great to hear Todd! I'm not sure what happened before, because it shouldn't have taken more than a few seconds for your data to get imported. I'm wondering if there was some filter set in the UI that was hiding some of the information. At any rate, it's ok now, so I won't worry about it =)

For syncing, I'm sure you've found the documentation on our support site, but if not, here is a link to a list of the different articles:

Feel free to use any of the sync features available, but we do recommend mSecure Cloud syncing as it is by far the most simple and consistent sync feature in the app.

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