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Filters - Tags and Template

I believe this has been raised in the past, but I cannot locate the post.

Any chance v6.1 would enable users to filter by BOTH Tags and Template? Similar to older versions where one can filter using Groups and Types?

Hi Luke,

Thank you for contacting us. For Mac and iOS, this type of filtering is already available, though on iOS, you do have to go through filtering by template in a non-standard way through the filterbar on the main view. For Android and Windows, we don't have this feature in 6.1. Before I talk more, can you tell me which types of devices you are using?

Hi Mike,

I primarily use Windows, although I do sync the data to both iOS and Android app. 

Tried the workaround for the iOS, its not perfect (i.e. if the name of the Template is always a keyword used in other fields, this shows up too), but definitely a step forward in the right direction.

Hopefully this feature will be "re-introduced" soon to all platforms.

Hi Luke,

To be clear, the way everything works for iOS's Filterbar is intended, so I need to figure out what you mean when you described the issue with the keywords of other fields. I'm not sure how your templates are constructed, so I'm unsure how there could be overlap between a template's name and field names. I can't figure out a use case for that occurring. Are you saying that you have field names in various templates that match your template names?

Also, for Windows, we will be working on this for a future release, but it will not be in 6.1. I'm hoping it can be added in 6.2, but we have not prioritized all of the futures for that version we'll be starting work on right after 6.1 is released. 

I would like to see Templates added to the filter to the Android mobile application like it is in the Windows.  I use Templates as Folders and Tags within the folders.

Thank you for your feedback George! This will be added to the Android version in 6.2 or before. This was a feature we had planned for 6.1, but it didn't quite make it's way into the latest version.


At present, we can filter by Vaults OR Tags OR Templates. Would you consider replacing the OR to AND (ie. Tags AND Templates).

A use case would be I have a Credit Card Template. Tags would be "Personal" and "Work". Using the current setup, I cannot filter for all the Work related Credit Cards.


@Luke This feature request is on our radar. It would seem like a pretty simple feature to implement, but due to the underlying UI architecture we used for Windows, the change is going to take much more work than we had hoped. Up to now, we've just had more important issues to work on, so the filtering has not been enhanced yet. I will talk to our developer about this one and see if that will be possible in the next couple of releases.

Thanks, Mike. Looking forward to this enhancement in the future releases.

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