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instructions to understand the 5 icons

I'd like to know what the 5 icons, at the top of the records (credit card, etc) are. 

I'm not understanding it.


Hi Pam,

The bar at the top with the 5 icons is the Filter Bar. The icons in the bar apply a filter to your data. So, for example, if you tap the button that looks like a little icon of the earth, that will apply the "Login" filter. You'll then see "Login Records" above the filter bar and only Login type records will be displayed in the main view. After tapping the one that looks like credit card, only Credit Card records will be displayed, and after tapping the one that looks like a piece of notebook paper, only Secure Note records will be displayed. The one that looks like a clock shows the last 20 records that were used, meaning you tapped on some data to copy it to your device's clipboard or you edited the record in some way. The leftmost button simply displays all records you have stored in the app.

Also, you can change the filters if you have a Premium subscription. Simply long-tap on any of the buttons and you'll see a list of your templates slide up. You can choose any template you would like to be able to filter your data by. For example, if you changed a filter to the "Bank Account" template, then when you tapped that button, only Bank Account type records would be displayed.

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