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Access to mSecure 5 on iphone 14 + backup questions

I am unable to access mSecure app on new iPhone 14.
I followed links and reset my password. However, I still can not access the app on new device.

My email is the same. new password but alas no access.

What do I do?

Reset password?

Also how do I unencrypt backup on iCloud? Can backup be emailed unencrypted?

Thank you for any and all help.

Hi Salma,

Sorry for the long delay in my reply. We had the Christmas Holiday break and then I was out sick for a couple of days. The backups you send via email are encrypted, so they can't be read outside of mSecure. The idea is that you view your information in mSecure when needed, then the backup is retained in case something goes wrong. The only time you should ever need to make use of a backup is if you can't get to your data in mSecure, and in that case, the backup is there to make sure your data is safe regardless. In the end, you should never need to see your information outside of mSecure, because if you can, then your information would not be protected.

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