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Can No Longer Login into MSecure 5 after transferring to my new cellphone

I recently purchased a New cellphone. I transferred all of My information to the new phone. I sent the old phone back to Google for a Refund towards the purchase of the new phone. Now, when using my new phone, I can no longer log-in to Msecure. I have not changed the Username or Password. Can You help me locate my Old information and transfer it to my new cellphone? 

Even if I have to buy a Newer Version, I will , in order to keep from losing all of my old information.


Hi Joel,

I'm not sure if this will help, but I found a note in our system that we transferred your purchase from one account to the other back on 6/12/19. The account it was purchased to does not use the email you are using here in the forum. I can tell you what the email is, but some folks don't like their email address posted in the forum. Do you want me to tell you what it is, or do you want to move our correspondence over to email?

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