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Premium subscription not showing

I just upgraded to premium to try and fix another problem. It is not showing the upgrade. My problem is that my changes are not syncing between my iPad and iPhone.

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Hi Marcia,

Thank you for contacting us. I just checked your account, and it's showing that your subscription was applied, so you should see it in all apps signed in to the account. Before we do anything to work on the syncing, please open mSecure on both your iPhone and iPad, tap the menu button in the top left corner (3 stacked lines), then tap Settings. Tap Account Settings in the Settings screen. Does it show you that you have a Premium account? If not, what email address is showing in that screen on both devices?

All appears to be working now. Thank you.

No problem at all Marcia. Let me know if you need further assistance in the future.

I purchased premium about an hour or so ago to hopefully fix an issue myself.  It is still saying Essentials Account.  I upgraded in hopes I can enable syncing as well as get the app to work on my new iPhone.  For whatever reason the same password is NOT working on my new iPhone.  Thanks.

Hi Marcus,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you're experiencing here. I'm pretty sure you are running into a long-standing bug we are having a very difficult time weeding out. The issue is there is a way in which the mSecure app can become disconnected from your online account. When that happens, all actions that need to have a communication with your account on our system can no longer take place. When you purchase a subscription, the app needs to communicate with your account, but it can't, so the subscription never gets applied.

The fix for this is to reset your account, but before we do that, I need to know if you have mSecure installed on any other devices. If you do, do you see all your data in mSecure on that other device?

I can only login on my old iPhone 13 pro--and I do see all my data, just not the upgrade.  My password is not working on my iPhone 14 pro--I did send an email back up, but it will not work until we can figure out why the password won't work.  I transferred the data like I do every year when I get a new iPhone.  I have posted all the info about that one earlier as well.  I have not even seen it posted yet.  

Mike, I will have to return my old phone where I can still log into mSecure to Apple soon.  I really need to get this resolved ASAP.  Otherwise, I will no longer have access to a device I can login to mSecure.  Thanks, Marcus

Hi Marcus,

I just saw your emails in our support system, so I'm going to start responding there, since I may need to start mentioning your email address, and some don't like that here in the forum. Expect an email from me in just a few minutes.

I am not sure how you work the queue, but that process did not work.   So, I am writing here too.  I am at a loss here.  Not sure what I should do?  Thanks.

Hey Marcus, now that we're communicating via email, let's keep all correspondence there moving forward. Having messages come into both channels can cause confusion, so it's easiest to communicate just using email from here on out. You're in my queue, and I'm seeing your emails come in, so I'll be responding just as fast or faster than here in the forum. Also, your issue is almost resolved. We just need to figure out what's going on with your iCloud account. I'll talk to you via email.

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