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sharing records - Vault

So, in trying to share a record with another "premium" user...the record gets shared, but none of the attachments to that particular record come across. Is this by design ??

Hi Noella,

What you are experiencing is not by design. All attachments should be synced over to other users when cross-account sharing is being used. We don't have any known bugs in this area of the app, so I'll have to look into what's happening.

Real quick, which device was the attachment added on, and is that the same device that you added the record to your shared vault? Also, I'm assuming you have multiple devices signed in to your account. Did the attachment you added to this record sync over to those other devices? What I'm trying to figure out is if the attachment is syncing correctly in your own account but then not getting synced over to the other account.

One more thing, can you check all your devices to make sure mSecure is running the latest version of the app?

Current Versions:

iOS: 6.0.8

Mac: 6.0.8

Android: 6.0.6 (1626)


The attachment was added on an iphone running 6.0.8 version of msecure (premium account). It synced over properly to the ipad and windows pc. The sharing was done from the pc - but although I can see the text of the record in the shared vault, I do not see the attachments in this record in the shared vault.

All devices are running the latest version of the msecure app.

I have done further testing...and it appears to be a glitch only with that particular record. I'm going to delete it and try it again...

Working fine now Mike...temporary glitch ??  Just happy that I'm seeing the attachments now!!

Hi Noella,

Thank you for the update, and it's great to hear everything's working! I'm not sure what would have caused the attachments to not sync, so it does seem like it was some sort of glitch. As always, though, should you see any problems, let me know and I'll test on my end. If you do run into an issue, we'll get it fixed ASAP.

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