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adding types

I can't get the 22 types on my program

Hi Valerie,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure what you mean here. When you install mSecure, it comes with the default templates for creating new records. When you click/tap the + button in the main view, do you see a list of templates you can use to create a new record?

Mike--I bought the program in 2017--I only installed 5 types.  Now I need to use some of the 22 types and I'm asking how to I get them. Right now all

my material is in one long line of everything, credit cards next to medications next to car info.  See my problem??  Val

Hi Valerie,

Ok, I think I know what's happening here. I believe the problem is that you are sorting by the names of your records rather than by Template. At first it sounded like you didn't have access to the different templates when creating new records, but I think this is only a display issue. Go ahead and open mSecure on your iOS device, then tap the button just to the right of the magnifying glass and to the left of the star in the top right of your screen. In the sheet that slides up from the bottom, choose "Sort by template."

Did that fix the problem?

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