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Wrong selected item when unlocking

I have several records with the same name, just different templates.

After auto-lock and unlock it seem to render the list differently and pick the wrong record (not the previously selected, but same name).

Version: 6.0.7 (889)

MacOS: 12.5


This occur after searching for a record. And it seem to dumb pick the first record in the list.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, I don't understand what you're describing here. Are you saying that the records that have the same name are getting displayed in a different order? If so, that probably has something to do with there "last used date" being updated, and your data being sorted by date or you are using the "Recents" filter. The first thing I would recommend is naming the records differently, or adding a certain field to the main view to distinguish between the records. For example, in my records I have a lot of Logins called "Google," which are all logins to different Gmail accounts I have. However, I make the username field get added to the main view so it's easy for me to distinguish between the records.

Hi Mike, thanks for replying!

I will try to describe the problem in pictures.

I have created two records both named "evin.ra.tld" and with the templates SSH and MySQL.

When new searching for "evin" i get this (also notice that i have selected the MySQL template).


Upon locking and unlock i am prompted with this:


Notice how they've switched places and that wrong record is selected. Hope you understand.

Hi Daniel,

Ok, I was able to reproduce what you are reporting here. However, I'm not sure this was ever intended functionality for the app, so I wanted to get more information from you before I bring it to our developer. What's happening here is that the app is filtering the data, and then it's getting displayed in an order. When the app locks, and then it's reopened, the filter is applied, but the order is getting changed because the sorting is only keying off the title of the records. Since there is nothing in the title to determine a specific order, the app just displays the records and the order is not guaranteed to be the same as it was before. The strange thing is the selected index is getting saved, so there is a records selected when the app is opened/unlocked, but we'll talk about that later.

Real quick, what is the workflow you are using here? We haven't heard any others report this issue, so I'm wondering how you're using the app that you would need to rely on a certain record being selected after you unlock/open the app. Can you provide some details before I get this over to our developer? 

Hi Mike,

I believe that even if it's not intended it's kinda weird that it swap position. :)

The background is that i have 50-70 servers with different templates for it's services. For an example i need 20 logins to MySQL and 10 logins for SSH depending on setup.

Sometimes i need to do work on the same service but on different accounts and that can take a while so the auto-lock occur quite often. And when i get back to msecure to login to another account the other template is selected. Not a real issue since you can get around it by selecting the other again but its more like a inconvenience. :)

Thank you very much for describing what you're doing. The strangest thing for sure is that the previously selected record is not selected when the app is reopened. I happened to talk with our developer earlier and mentioned this issue to him, and he said he would fix it right away. To be clear, I'm only sure the right record will be selected, but I'm not sure the order will be the same. I think that's all that matters to you, but I just wanted to be sure you know what to expect =)

Thank you for bringing this to our attention Daniel!

Thank you Mike for fixing this! :)

No problem at all Daniel! Take care.

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