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MSecure 6 and password loss

I have MSecure on a PC, iPad and iPhone. The phone had face recognition set. I changed the password from the iPad and got 3 QR codes, the last of which opened my password list. I seem to have lost my password as none of my 3 apps open when I try but, also, the face recognition is no longer working on the iPhone (settings say that it is active). I want to try to restore my password before I go down the route of reset but need some information first. 1. Is there a maximum number of password attempts allowed before you are locked out on a machine? 2. Is there a cool down time with this if it happens and, if so, what is it? 3. If all else fails and one has to consider a reset is there a means of restoring passwords from older auto backups for the same account but older passwords?

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry to hear about the issue you're experiencing here with your password. You can get locked out of trying to sign in to the app after a lot of failed password attempts, and there is a cooldown, after which you will be able to try again. However, it is a lot of attempts, so you should be able to try to sign in many times before you run into any problems.

Real quick, you said you changed the password in mSecure on your iPad. Are you saying you are locked out of mSecure on that device too? Can you try opening mSecure on your iPad and be sure you enter the new password you set a couple days ago to try to unlock it. Are you able to get into that app?

I have tried opening mSecure on all 3 of the machines linked to this account without success so I am working on the premise is that my only way forwards is to logically try to reverse engineer my password change, taking into account that I did add a "Clue"! Thus knowing that I can try a number times before I get locked out is helpful.

Can you tell me whether autobackups will work in a reset account please as this could influence my approach to the problem - the last autobackup is within 24 hours of the password change.

The auto-backups are always created using the password that was active on the account when it gets created. So if you change your password after a backup is created, the new password will not be able to be used to restore the data in the backup file.

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