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mSecure for iOS v6.0.7

I have deleted my mSecure account directly from the mSecure for iOS v6.0.7 app which included the mSecure v5 Pro license.  Is this license lost forever once the account is deleted?  If I create a new account in the future I will then need to subscribe at full price including Essentials that was included at no additonal cost for existing mSecure v5 Pro users.  The delete account option is dangerous but was forced by Apple.

Hi Keith,

If you delete your mSecure account, that deletes all Personal Identifiable Information (PII) from our server, which is why Apple is forcing developers to allow this type of functionality. This is to make sure everyone is following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards that prohibits companies from keeping record of PII when a user wants it to be removed. The problem is, we have no way to keep track of a license with out personal information. It's simply not possible. The only information we would need to keep track of would be the user's email address, but that is still considered PII, so it has to be deleted as well.

However, I'm not sure why anyone would want to delete there mSecure account if they had previously purchased a license. I would think that account deletion would declare pretty clearly that you don't want to use the app any longer. Since licenses are always applied to an account, and since we have to have some type of personal information to know that you purchased the license, I would think it makes sense that a deleted account would mean the license is forfeit. Is there something I'm missing here?

Why wasn't there a password confirmation or device passcode to prevent users from accidentally deleting account?  My account was already deleted in just two clicks.

Hi Keith,

I don't understand what you mean. When you tap on the Delete Account button, it then requires you to confirm the decision you're making, telling you what will happen. That's all there is to it. If you are choosing to delete your account, then we only warn you that the action can't be undone and ask that you confirm your decision.

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