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Can't scan QR code

Can't scan QR code on computer's msecure6. Camera won't work either. Have authorized msecure  in privacy settings. 

Hi Mark,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure what you mean here. Are you trying to sign in to mSecure on your computer, or are you trying to scan the QR code that's showing on your computer from a different device? Also, what types of devices are you using?

I have msecure6 on my phone. I have downloaded 6 to my computer and am stuck at the QR code, where I can't scan it or use camera.

Hi Mark,

I'm sorry I'm having problems understanding what's happening here. Are you saying the app will literally not scan the code, or are you saying mSecure is telling you the code is not valid? Those are two very different issues, and different troubleshooting is required for each issue. When you try to scan the code in the mSecure app on your Mac, do you see any messages under the little square cutout? If you do, what does the message tell you?

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