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Feature request Add a duplicate

I t would be a real time saver if you could duplicate a record as an option.  An example would be when aa upgrade software licence is added it would fill most of the info by duplicating. I used to use it some time ago with Splash I.D and it was great.

Hi Brenton,

In each of the different platform versions of mSecure, you have the option to duplicate records. On iOS, you tap the record, then tap the "more" button in the bottom right (with 3 horizontal dots on it). On Android, you tap a record, then tap the "more" button in the top right (the 3 vertical dots). On Mac, simply select the record and press the command + C keys on your keyboard, then press command + V to paste the duplicate record. Or, you can select a record and click "Edit > Copy" and then "Edit > Paste" in the menu bar at the top left of your screen. For Windows, select a record and then click the duplicate icon in the top right of the window, which looks like two overlapping rectangles.

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