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Add new record - hide unused record types

When I add a record, I want to hide record types I will never use. This was possible in V4.

Under templates, I've culled record "types" I don't use.

Unfortunately, when I click "add item" - and I still see them all there. Types like Clothes Size I would never use.

The problem is the ability to quickl add a record as I pause and have to review this great big list of types.  It's clutter and cognitive overload (compared to pre-Version5 app).

The problem could be solved by adding a "Quick add" function

So I click once to add a new record (and "type" can be left blank).

Tim I love it and I vote for it!!!

Mike R

@Tim I don't understand what you are saying here. Are you saying that you have open the Settings of the app, clicked on Template, and then deleted all the Templates you don't use? If so, and if the Template deletion actually succeeded, you should not see them when you click the + button to add a record. It would obviously be extremely strange functionality to give you the ability to delete a template and then continue to show you the template that no longer exists in the system. If that's happening, something is going wrong and we need to figure out what that is.

Thanks for the response. 

Templates i use


Templates I see when clicking +Add Item


Previously - much simpler to add item. 1 click. you can then toggle type if you're not seeing the fields you need (much more intuitive).


Regarding "culling templates".   Sounds like there might be an issue.  Let me investigate (restart computer and all that).  Will get back to you.  This does not invaldate the 1 click add element of my feedback.

Hi Tim,

The screenshots you are showing in mSecure 6 is working correctly. The way the filters work is that only templates that are used by records are displayed when you click "Templates" in the left column. However, you can have any number of templates that aren't being used still saved in the system. If you open mSecure's Settings and click "Templates," you can delete all of the unused templates from that page. After they are deleted, they will no longer show up in the list when you go to create a record.

Thanks for clarifying.  Restarted computer and have successfully been able to clean up the template list when clicking +add item. 

Still would like to upvote '1 click add' or 'quick add' to avoid having to click twice to enter a new record.

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