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Disable Icons (Fav Icon)

I want a clean, no clutter interface. Just a list of records.  

First request - disable/hide icons. I don't want them, distracting, and interfere with the experience of quickly retrieving a specific record from a list.

Second request - if this is an issue, then let me choose a generic (black and white) icon for my entry.   The app unfortunately overrwrites my selected icon (at the time I first enter the record).  It automatically retrieves the Favico from the wesite listed in the login URL field.  Let me choose, don't overwrite my preference.

Simple toggle in "preferences" will solve the above. (hide/display icons).

Hi Tim,

You were right, I wasn't changing the records to the default icon used in the template. That is a bug that I am writing up now. So until a new version is released, setting a Login record's icon to the "earth" icon is not going to work.

Glad we're seeing the same thing.  Thanks for persisting and checking on your side and writing up the bug report.  Hopefully the first request item will also at some point get picked up (disable favico app wide setting).

I think there's nothing further to add to this thread so probably should close it.

That's sounds good Tim. I'll consider this thread closed.

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