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Moving from a PC to a Mac

My husband is currently on a PC with Passwords Plus. I know how to migrate from Passwords Plus to mSecure. I will do that and set him up with an account. But, I am also in the process of setting him up on a new Mac. Can I just download the mSecure app on the Mac and then he can log in using the new mSecure account?

Hi Betsy,

Thank you for contacting us, and welcome to mSecure! As long as you both plan to share all the information stored in your mSecure, you can both sign in to the same account. The only reason to have different accounts if if you want to be able to have private data as well as share select information between both accounts. When sharing all data, you only need one account.

Were you able to get your devices signed in to the same mSecure account Betsy, and is everything working correctly?

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