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mass selection for iwatch

can select more than 1 at a time to add to iwatch

@Curt....the way to add records to the iwatch is to select the record on the iPhone, then you need to edit that record and then select the option (in the record edit screen) to add it to your watch. So as you can only edit one record at a time, I'm assuming records can only be added - 1 at a time.  This might be something to add to the "feature request"  in the forums.

@Curt As Noella mentioned (thank you again for chiming in Noella!!), you can only add one record at a time. The reason for this is that there is no batch editor for the iOS version of mSecure like there is for the desktop versions of the app. We have talked about adding a batch editor to the mobile versions, so it is on our radar, but that feature wouldn't be available anytime soon.

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