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Windows Android sync problem

Hi Mike,

Your description was detailed enough to help me figure out the reason for the difference, so that was extremely helpful.  In fact if I were to follow exactly the steps you took. I got exactly the same result as you.  However, I'm afraid your test was just not generic enough since you had only tested the records that were found within the Recents list.  Try doing the same to records that are not currently in the Recents list.


(Sorry, I accidentally deleted my response and could not repost in the same topic so I had to create a new topic.  If possible, please merge the duplicated topics)

Hi JSeow,

No problem all with the posts. I don't know why, but sometimes our forum requires me to approve posts, and that happened to the last few your created. You've already posted, so I don't know why would need to approve it, but it happened with your recent posts. Also, I did just delete one that looked like an exact duplicate of this post.

So, there's actually two bugs here, and the developer knows about them both now. The one issue is that the Android version is getting it's Modified Date update when it shouldn't get updated. It's functionality is working correctly, but when you copy data to the clipboard on Windows or on Android, the modified date you see in the record should NOT be getting updated. So the confusion here is that you're seeing the modified date get updated at all. The modified date should only get updated when you make an actual change to the data in the record. To clarify, the record should get moved up to the top of the Recents list when you use the clipboard icon to copy data to the clipboard, but the modified date should NOT get updated.

The second bug is on Windows. When the record is not already on the Recents list, it will not show up on the Recents list after you copy data to the clipboard. It will only get on the Recents list after you modify a record.

In the end, this is what should happen:

  1. When data is copied to the clipboard in one mSecure app, the record should be move to the top of the Recents list in that app and any other mSecure apps signed in to the account.
  2. After data is copied to the clipboard, the record's modified date should not be changed in any mSecure app. The sync to get the record to the top of the Recents list will take place, but the user should not see the modified date get changed.

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