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mSecure from password+ can not reatd my information

I followed the instructions from password+  yesterday. Great went well except I can not read my information in mSecure... It indicates there are 187 cards there on left hand side  but grayed out and the number is about right.  But do not show up in main window  Huge disappointment after 15 years of trouble free use of password+.  

I am running Windows 11, might that be a cause...... my other thought is a vault problem ..... any thoughts on it???????

If the numbers look right in the left column, it sounds like this may have something to do with filtering. Since that is the simplest thing to check, please try the instructions below to see if your data is displayed after the import:

1) Click "All Items" at the top of the left column

2) Look at the star in the top right of the middle column. Is it yellow? If it is, tap it to disable the favorites filter.

If that doesn't fix the problem, let me know, and we can troubleshoot what's happening.

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