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Change Password

When trying to change a password on the Ipad or Iphone msecure asks for the old password and then the new and then the new a second time.  When you press next you get a screen with two fill in boxes.  You are not told what to put in those boxes or what they are for.  However, you cannot move forward without some correct word typed in.  Help?

Hi Robert,

This is a known issue that's being caused by the app not choosing the right colors for Light mode. If you are in the Change Password screens, and you change the device to use Dark mode, you'll see everything the way it's supposed to look. This is a known issue, so it will be fixed soon.

Turning on dark mode worked great.  Thanks!

No problem Robert, and sorry for the issue to begin with. That should be fixed soon. Take care!

I have forgot my password and need to reset. The email on file is old and the account closed. How do I reset without going through email?

@Patrick Thank you for contacting us. I checked your account, and I'm not sure what you mean by it being closed. I can see you tried to sign in to it today (January 4th), but it looks like the attempt failed since you don't know your password. I also see a subscription was added to the account on your iOS device back on November 16th of 2022, and it is still active. I believe you're going to need to reset your account and start fresh, but I did want you to know that your account is not closed.

Real quick, do you have access to your information in any version of mSecure on any of your devices?

Hi Mike - my email, that is on file, was closed a couple years ago. So when I click “Forgot Password” mSecure is sending a reset email to the closed account. I cannot access that email. Hence I cannot reset the password. Unfortunately I have been using facial authentication to access mSecure on my phone so I forgot what the password was. If I cannot get the email sent to, how do I reset the password to the app?

Yes. Iam not not sure why I could not access my account last week. It may be that I mistyped the password. However , I was able to access my account on my iphone so I was able to get everything open from there. Thanks

@Patrick I'm still not sure what you mean here. I do seen an account under your "" email address, so if you are able to open mSecure 6 on any device, that should be the email address you see on the lock screen. How is that you know you're trying to use an account under your "" email? If you have been trying to reset your account, can you please check your @gmail address for the reset email instead?

@Robert It's great to hear you were able to get everything working. Please let me know should you need further assistance.

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