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I thought updating to version 6 would be easier- this sucks

It doesn't work. I have lost so much time  and the instructions  suck. I purchased the essential package and my new version is blank and will not restore  my information. It keeps saying my password is incorrect when it is not.  Help

Hi Arlene,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. If mSecure tells you the password is incorrect, that means it cannot use the password you are entering to decrypt the data in the backup file. It means the password you are entering is not the correct password that was used when the backup was originally created.

I checked your account, and it shows you changed your password for mSecure yesterday. If you are trying to restore from a backup from before yesterday, you will need to enter your old password in order to restore from the backup. Does that make sense?

Hi Mike 
it does make sense, unfortunately I do not remember my old password anymore. 

Attached is what I have on my mobile screen

I also have an email backup of my mSecure prior to the update

I am having a bad time figuring this out

Hi Arlene,

If you don't know the password that was being used in mSecure when the backup was created, there's no way to get at that information. The data is secured with the password that was being used at the time, and no one has access to that password except for the owner of the mSecure app.

We may have some good news here, however. In one of the pictures you attached, it looks like you have mSecure 4 installed on your iPhone. Are you still able to open that app? If so, is your data up to date in that app?

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