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Sync with Ipad

I seem to be  unable to sync with my Ipad  running 15.4.1

Hi Ger,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. can you let me know which sync feature you are trying to use as well as what type of device you are trying to sync with your iPad?

Also, do you know which version of mSecure you are running on both devices?

I am running M Secure 6 Premium  on both my I pad and  my PC and also on my android phone.

I have no trouble with the phone .

I have two problems:

( 1) The sync between my laptop and I pad does not always happen.

(2)   Occasionally I get a reminder banner on my  laptop telling me I  have a certain numbers remaining on my  premium trial  even though I have subscribed for the premium  version.

I am using Msecure cloud for sync,  on all devices .

I have found that if the reminder is present and I open the settings menu and click on the account tab  ,  it tells me I am on the premium version expiring 23//3/2023.

When I return to the main  page the banner is gone.

Hi Ger,

The issue with the banner showing you the Premium Trial is a known issue that should be fixed in an upcoming release. The issue is only a display issue, however. I checked your account and it definitely has a Premium subscription on it. If you keep seeing this happen after the next release, please let me know.

For the syncing, when you say it doesn't always happen, what do you mean exactly? For Windows, the sync will not take place immediately, because it only checks to see if it needs to sync around every minute. Therefore, if you make a change on your other device, it may not sync for around a minute. Can you explain in more detail what you mean when you say the syncing isn't happening?

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