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Chrome Extension: Create new password in mSecure and not in Google Password manager

By default, signing up to a new website (e.g. this support site), when I choose to create a new username/password it saves to the default Google Chrome Password manager and not into mSecure.

Yes, I have the mSecure Chrome extension installed.

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Hi Howie,

While not every site will work with the browser extension, most will. One thing we do recommend is to turn off the default browser auto-fill features as that can cause confusion and conflicts with mSecure's Extension. It's not totally necessary to disable it, but it is recommended.

With regards to our support site, the browser extension won't be able to capture your details when signing up for a new account due to the way FreshDesk (the third party support service we use) has constructed their signup form. When there are multiple stages to the signup process, it's unlikely the data will be auto-captured. This is something we hope to enhance in the future, but for the first release, multi-stage signup/signin forms can cause problems.

For our support site, however, when you sign in to the account after logging out, the extension should capture the credentials for you.

Thanks Mike for your responsiveness. And thanks for the tip around auto-fill.

No problem at all Howie! Let me know if you need further assistance.

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