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I would still prefer a sort of alphabetical way of scrolling, e.g. when swiping down, on the right hand side that scroll tap will pop up and allow and show an alphabetical option....

As this is not much likely to happen :-(   ..... maybe it would be great to have that pop-up not at the top of the screen, but maybe more in the middle. With large screens it is kinda hard to hit it it with your thumb and resulting that you have to move the whole phone in your hand.....

Hi Horse,

Thank you for your feedback on this. The alpha-scrolling feature on Android is not the best, in my opinion. The problem is, we get to use what Android has crated "for free" as scrolling controls are actually quite complex. We could build our own control from scratch, but then we would get users complaining that it's not as easy to use as in other apps that use the default Android scrolling functionality. I would like to come up with a different alpha-scroller, but due to the issue described above, I'm doubtful that will happen in the future.

Hi Mike,

no worries. I'll survive with what is provided and maybe in near future there could be better options for that scrolling in Android :-)


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