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App Password

 Is there a way an update can be looked into allowing the user to have the ability to not to have keep typing in your login password when you first open the app on computers, I believe in past version that was a choice you had, its kinda redundant when your computer has a password to login then you have to type another one to open the program

I'm just a user, but Windows mSecure 6 supports Windows Hello. If your PC supports it that may help, at least it can use web cam or fingerprint, or even the Windows PIN. 

Thanks for chiming in here @Anthony. @Mark, as Anthony mentioned, if your using a PC, and you have Windows Hello support on the device, you can use that feature to unlock mSecure in a variety of different ways. If you have a Mac, and the Mac support Touch ID, you can use Touch ID to unlock the app (in this case you can also use an Apple Watch to unlock as well). Those are the only options for Biometric unlock, and the hardware has to support it in order for the feature to work in mSecure.

Does your computer support either Windows Hello or Touch ID?

No I have an iMac, will the developers look into removing or having an option to remove password login

@Mark I'm not sure what you mean here. Since mSecure 5 was released, you have always had to have at least a 4 character password set that you have to enter to unlock the app. Where you using mSecure 3 on your Mac before mSecure 6, or were you also using mSecure 5? Are you saying you want to be able to not password protect mSecure on your Mac?

I was never using version 5 on my iMac,  just the iPhone What I am saying is I dont want to keep typing in a password to use the app on iMac or AirBook Pro, make it so you have the ability to not have to type a password everytime you open the program on a computer its redundant and one more thing you have to remember

The reason you have to type in a password is for the sake of security, and it's something I can't see us removing. If you don't have a password set, anyone can open your mSecure app and see all your data. If you don't want it to lock, and you don't have any concern of someone getting access to your information, you can always change the auto-lock feature to never in mSecure's Preferences and just never close the app.

I’m with Mike on this one, why would you not want to password protect your password app? It doesn’t make sense. I get that it will be more convenient not having to type in a password to get into the app, but the nature of the app itself lends itself to needing security to open it. I don’t understand why you would even want an option to remove the password to open up the app.

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