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Version 6 Syncing

Having used mSecure I am a very happy user. 

However syncing between my iphone 12 and Mac OS 12.3 seems to be a problem. I now have a message on the mSecure sysnc settings in green which says"Needs Permission"

Can you advise on what surely is a simple tweak.

Many thanks


Hi Michael,

Thank you for contacting us. The "Needs Permission" message should mean you need to grant mSecure access to your Wi-Fi network on your iPhone. You should be able to do that by opening the iOS Settings app (not mSecure's Settings), and then scroll down and tap the mSecure app. In the next screen, you should see an option to enable "Location" settings. Tap that, and allow mSecure to have access to your location, and it will then be able to get the name of your Wi-Fi network.

IMPORTANT: We don't know why Apple makes it to where an app has to have Location access in order to get access to a network name, but it's how they've made it work. You should not have to give this access if you don't want to, because Wi-Fi syncing should work without it.

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