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mSecure 6 Pricing Unfair

Dear mSecure Team

Thank you for all your hard work on such an indispensable app. I note the other thread with some disgruntled users however I am not one of those. I understand the subscription model and its requirement for ongoing sustainability of the app. Thank you.

I do however have a query regarding your pricing structure for 5 Pro users wishing to upgrade to a Premium Subscription. You are offering a 50% discount that when paid annually equates to $1.25/month.

However for new users/subscribers, the difference to upgrade from Essentials ($1.67) to Premium $2.49 (billed annually) is only $0.82c per month.  Paid monthly, it is still only $1.00 per month extra ($1.99 per month to $2.99 per month)

You have made a lot about looking after your existing clients but seem to be giving us the worst deal!

We should be getting a 50% discount on the upgrade fee, not the whole subscription.

I await your reply.

The way that I view this is that as a 5Pro user, I am getting version 6 Essentials - for free.  And rather than paying full price for a Premium version of mSecure 6, I get it for half the price.  I'm very thankful and happy with that. I love this program and have recommended it to many family members and anxiously await the roll out of additional features.

@Noella Thank you very much for your feedback here. It's great to see customers helping other customers!

@Vinum I'm hoping @Noella's response has already answered your question, but if not, I'll mostly the same thing. As a V5 Pro user, you don't have to pay for an Essentials subscription at all, so it's not that you are paying only a little bit less for the Essentials tier. You have it at no cost, which seems to be a pretty good deal. For Premium, if you look at it in actual dollars and cents, it might not seem like much of a discount. However, you're getting it for 50% off what the normal user would get it for. We believe that's a very significant discount for our current customers. It's important to look at the pricing in terms of percentages and not actual dollars and cents, because that shows what we're trying to do for our existing V5 customers.

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