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my entries did not migrate when you changed to MS6

Since Msecure changed to start offering the MS6, my existing account got messed up and only shows a few of my entries and the others are gone!  I have tried synchronizing, back up restore and everything that I can think of!  I even subscribed to the new yearly paid version, and nothing has helped.  It is extremely frustrating to spend years putting passwords and not to have access now, when I need them!  If i don't get this problem resolved soon, I will not only cancel my subscription, i will place my comments on the app itself!

this is the second time that this happened to me, the first time I had to purchase another subscription and copy entry by entry!!!  This cant continue happening or we wont be able to rely on this app!!!

Hi Sonia,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I'm not sure what's happening, but what you have experienced with the upgrade to v6 is not the norm, and I'm hoping it's something simple that's causing it to happen. I checked your account, and it looks like you are using a PC and and iOS device, which I assume is an iPhone. Did you upgrade to v6 on both devices, and if so, did the data not go back to normal after both devices were updated?

Also, it's possible you have a filter turned on hiding some of your information. On Windows, what number do you see to the right of "All Items" at the top of the left column?

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