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Syncing all devices

In the old MSecure, we had six devices synced to the iCloud--two phones, to iPads, two Macs.

I paid for the PRO version, and I am syncing my iPhone, my IPAD, my MAC. Now, how to I get my wife's phone, Mac, and iPad to sync with my MCloud. I cannot edit Account Settings, as it says my account already exists. 

Post some detailed instructions please

Hi James,

In order to get your wife's devices syncing, you will have to reset mSecure on each device, and then sign in to your account. If you are trying to sign up for an account that already exists, that is no possible. If you wife's mSecure apps are signed in to a different account, and you try to change the username to an email that is already used for an account, that cannot happen either. The mSecure apps on her device need to be in a fresh state, so you can sign in to your account on them.

For her iPhone, simply delete mSecure and reinstall it from the App Store app, then you can sign in to your account.

For her Mac, you'll need to follow these steps to reset the Mac app:

1. Open mSecure on that device

2. Click Help in the menu bar at the top left of your screen, hold down the "option" key on your keyboard, and you should see two hidden options appear in the drop down menu

3. Click "Show Data File in Finder", and a Finder window will appear revealing mSecure's database file, which is named, "mSecure.mscb"

4. Close mSecure

5. Move the "mSecure.mscb" file to the trash

Now you have reset the Mac app, and you're ready to sign back in to your mSecure account:

1. Open mSecure on your Mac if it is closed

2. Skip the welcome screens to go directly to the Sign Up / Sign In screen

3. Click "Sign In"

Enter your mSecure account's email address for the username, then enter the password for that account to sign in to it.

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