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Bait and switch?

I purchased msecure because it was a one time fee.  My phone automatically updated  the software as an update, not a new purchase.  I previously could attach a file and open the app with my face login.  Now, it's telling me that will be part of the premium subscription that I will have to pay for.....again. 

This is not cool.  It makes me lose trust in you and your app.  What are your going to charge me for next and then are you going to hold my credentials hostage until I pay?

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They say if you already purchased a v5Pro License you do not need to purchase a subscription. You will have access to an essentials subscription at no cost.  The question will be will that ever change and they force a recurring charge.  I remember when MSecure first came out it was $5, then they upgraded and it was considerably more to upgrade. 

 I have seen those comments in this discussion here.  However, when I go to the settings in the sidebar of the app, it shows I have an Essentials account and that I only have 30 days remaining on the Premium Trial.  When I click "learn more" it shows those features as being part of the Premium package, which implies that I am going to lose those features in 30 days, unless I pay more money for something I already purchased. 


I understand your concern, but I can assure you that if you have a V5 license, you have an Essentials account. As you no doubt saw in the pre-ship email we sent out, you will not lose any features in v6 if you had a v5 license. You will actually gain features. The message you are pointing to in the app is an oversight on our part and will be fixed in a release we will be publishing this week. If you look at the message, you'll see the bullet points are different colors, and at a time in our development, those colors delineated between Premium and Essentials - Premium being white bullets and Essentials being yellow bullets. Things changed, and we overlooked updating this message before release. It should clearly tell you which features belong to each subscription tier.

@KimChu Thank you for chiming in here about the policy sent out in the pre-ship email. In answer to your question, we can't say the free Essentials will never change, because never is very long time. However, at this time, we don't have any plans to change it. If that were to change, we would notify our users well in advance so they could make decision on whether they wanted to move their data outside of mSecure.

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