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App mSecure 5 doesn't work with mSecure 6

On Windows mSecure transparantly upgraded fom v5 to v6, but the Android app is failing.

When opening the app I first got a message saying I need to upgrade the app, but according to the Google Play Store my app was up-to-date already.  I even uninstalled my v5 app but now it refuses to reinstall, meaning I have no more mSecure at all on my phone...

For me the cloud storage is a crucial part of mSecure as it used to give me access to my passwords anywhere using my smartphone.

Hi Kris,

I'm not sure what could be causing this to happen, but we can't cause an app to fail installing from the Play Store. The only thing I can think is there was some type of glitch with the Store that I hope has since resolved itself on your device. You could try restarting your phone first, and if that doesn't fix the problem, I would try deleting the Play app's cache. Let me know if either of those things allows you to reinstall mSecure or not.

Also, the Play app is getting rolled out gradually, and users who get the app are chosen at random by the Play Store. Everyone should have access to the app after a week's time.

That unfortunately didn't change anything... My phone was switched off all night long and I cleared the Google Play Store cache completely in the morning, but there's still only one app on the Play Store (see attached screenshot) that shows the same annoying message...

Hi Kris,

This morning we have published a new version of mSecure 6 to the Play Store, and it will be available to everyone - no gradual rollout. I'm not sure how it will take to reach everyone's devices, but you should have access to it by the end of day. Please check Play Store throughout the day to see if it becomes available on all your devices, and that should take care of the problem you reported.

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