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Request to Downgrade back to 5.x Pro

I don't mind paying for upgrades per major version but not a monthly plan/yearly plan.

Example 4. x to 5. x

I logged into my computer today and noticed that 6.0 was installed on my machine automatically without my permission.  I understand that since I paid for 5.x Pro I get the stripped-down features of mSecure 6.0 for free.  What this tells me is that once 7.0 comes out my data will be a hostage to upgrade or lose my data.  No Thanks!

I don't do monthly or yearly plans because they stack up easy and I can't keep track they always end up charging me at the worst possible time and I occur a $32 bank fee.

I would rather pay by the version so I decide when to update, AKA: (When I get paid and think your software is worth it.)  With this new pricing plan, you are taking this out of my hands.  So I am forced to take it back by finding another software to use.

I never upgrade to the cutting edge until all the bugs are worked out...  For Example the 6.0

- The Record Editor Fields do not align up correctly on larger screens.

- The Light and Dark Options are Crap compared to 4.x and 5.x versions...

- Forced Premium Trial - No Way to Cancel out of it.. Adds extra crap in the way that I don't need.

- Several of my Records Crash the Software on PC but works fine on my Apple Phone.

I loved your software with my experience 4.x and 5.x and have suggested it to many of my students in the Army where I teach 25B (Information Technology Specialist) MOS.  No Referral because of profiting rules.... but I was glad to recommend it. 400/700 Students a year for the past 4 years. (Your software was a great example of easy it could be to keep up with tons of passwords, without having to recall any of them...)  Many people use one password for everything and a huge security risk.

With the new pricing plan, I will not be referring anyone else and I will not be using your software past the trial version.  I also will be sending past students to ditch the software once I find a suitable solution.  Even if I have to learn C++ and QT ( Open Source and build it myself.

I am so pissed off I could scream!!!

You could have at least given me the opportunity to upgrade when I wanted to instead of being thrust into bug-ridden software and forced to swim.

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@David I don't understand why you are so mad that you could scream. As has been explained a number of times in the pre ship email, on pages on our site, and in numerous responses in the forum, if you have a v5 license, you don't have to purchase subscription. You will have access to all of the features you had in mSecure 5 at no cost. Why is it that you're so upset about subscriptions when you don't have to sign up for one?

With regards to other issues you may have or may experience, please let me know what they are so I can try to help. If you would rather not use mSecure, that's up to you, of course, but I do want you to know that we are here to help with anything that you are having problems with.

Also, since mSecure 6 is a "natural" upgrade to mSecure 5, it is the same app in the store, so mSecure 5 no longer exists. It's not possible to revert to mSecure 5.

You took the ability for me to make the decision to say on ver 5 or to upgrade away from and upgraded my computer away from me. I don't jump on cutting-edge software, I like to wait until the bugs are worked out. I don't like the 6.0 version. I have 4 licenses and I would have noticed the issues on the first upgrade. I am currently paid a lifetime version for the family plan. So you will not have to support me much longer. and oddly enough it's the same software without the bugs and much better colors than ash black... I don't see all colors but not totally color blind and your light and dark choices are very distracting.. I prefer some contrast between the menu and the main area.. do I don't get a headache. currently it's very dark for everything or whitewash for everything... I loved the software for many years, but your dick moves on forcing software upgrades to suck......

Hi David, Mike

David, I can so understand how you feel about this.... I do too.

Also, mSecure could definitely have handled this whole upgrade approach much much better than it has I think.

After  upgrading mSecure on my Mac via the App Store, I was shocked that I was automatically upgraded from mSecure 5 Pro to mSecure 6

And there, in the bottom of the screen it now says I'm on a trial version (for what is a subscription service)

There's something rather disturbing that an app that you have purchased can automatically change itself into a trial version.

Pressing the "Learn more" button, shows a list of all the premium subscription features. Some of these I had already paid for  in mSecure 5 Pro, such as the Biometric unlock feature.  How can such basic functionality now be a subscription feature???

The implication based on what is displayed in the app is that I am going to lose functionality when my 30 day "trial subscription" ends.

Now this may not be the case, but there is no indication in the app that that is so.

For the record, I also hate subscription services. There are far too many of those these days, and  in total they can add up to quite large ongoing monthly payments.

The simplest things seem to be subscription based these days... I absolutely hate it.
I would much rather pay for fixed cost upgrades at a time of my choosing. This option is gradually being taken away from us it seems across all software, sadly.

My concern now of course is that as mSecure goes forwards into future versions, they will all be subscription based. I will therefore  be stuck on this version forever, or move to something else.

At some point,  this version of mSecure will then stop working, because it won't be compatible with some future  OSes, and will no longer supported.

At that point, I'd have to move to an alternative in any case.

I find this whole thing incredibly disappointing, to be honest.


I have to agree with Liz and David. I was shocked when my PC version had changed without my knowledge. Next, my wife came to tell me that she could not get into mSecure on her phone. - my phone version is working for now. I also hate subscription fees and would rather pay once. In fact, being a long-time user, I have paid for mSecure twice. It was a simple, easy-to-use product - even if it did not autofill website login fields. 


In response to David who said that his 'has been explained a number of times in the pre ship email, on pages on our site, and in numerous responses in the forum', what if you do not visit the forum, or go onto the website (and what the heck is a pre ship email - I have never received one). I do not go to forums or websites for a product that works. Why would I? Do you not have an email list of clients? Could you not send out an email regarding the upgrade? 


Also, there is nothing in the details in the app or on the website that clearly describes what happens if you do not want to upgrade. Everything was working fine and there were no new features that I needed. As far as I can tell the new subscription model is required to sync across devices. So, will syncing stop? Nothing has been made clear. Mike also said: ‘Why is it that you're so upset about subscriptions when you don't have to sign up for one?’ Really? My desktop version has been upgraded – where was my choice in that? What happens after the 30-day trial? Again, no details. The rollout of v6 was a massive mistake.


I get that everyone needs to make a living. However, an explanation of why the change was needed ( compatibility with a new backend database, a change in IOS or Android security requirements, additional funding to keep the server going) would have helped us understand your reasoning. Marketing guru Seth Godin suggests that the best companies help solve their client’s problems and in doing so create a group of loyal fans willing to support them. I was one of those fans, but with this seemingly unannounced (at least to me) ‘forced’ upgrade – I am out.


David’s suggestion to write a personal version is very attractive. I would write it in Dart/Flutter, which is Google’s open-source cross-platform language and framework.


I agree with David and LIz.  I am not happy. 

I am really unhappy with the fact that the groups are all gone.  I have nearly 600 items, that were sorted in groups and then broken down into types.  Now they are in one large group and it is difficult to find what I need.   I have to search or scroll through the entire list to find the information.  I was not happy that I was auto upgraded, and I'm not happy with the layout and I'm not happy to learn that I can't downgrade back to 5.x.  I too will be finding a new tool. 


I'll add my gripe as well.  Not happy that the "upgrade"* went automatically.  Not happy that Groups have disappeared.

Like Daryl, I used Groups; in my case it was to separate out data I kept that related to other people (a secure copy of passwords I'd used to set up or support them).  My own passwords were outwith a group and my default display only showed those; to access anyone else's data I had to deliberately show their Group and, once I no longer needed their data, I could easily delete it.  Groups are now Tags and the trial information says that tags are a subscription feature that I will lose once the 30 days are up.  

*It also appears that other features will be subscription only, like biometric login, syncing, template editing, restoring from a backup, etc.  So, without a subscription, v6 is effectively a downgrade from v5.

The discounted subscription (that has to be taken up within a time limit (that I don't recall being told) adds insult to injury.  What this move tells me is that mSecure isn't good enough to attract new sales so existing users need to be milked.  Whilst it was an app I, too, recommended to others, I think most people will be served adequately by what is being built into browsers and their desktop OS.  The subscription isn't much (and, if given the choice of staying with v5 or upgrading to v6, I'd probably happily have paid), but it's the way it's been enforced in order to keep the features I've already paid for (in my initial purchase >10 years ago, and the more recent v5 upgrade payment).  That riles.  Off to export my data to a spreadsheet that I can add a few macros to for sorting, and encrypting; that, along with Keychain, may well meet my needs.

accidental upgrade to Version 6 on my iPhone has killed my password management workflow!

mSecure Version 5 app on Mac OS is asking me to upgrade everytime i use it. 


HOW to disable this wretched nagging???

I'm an IT professional, and I understand the need to earn money, and I understand the ridiculous hoops that Apple makes all of us jump through to be in their stupid ecosystem. But this path inflicted on users without any warning is unfair.

Your App upgrade description should have said something like:


Upgrading to v6 REQUIRES MacOS 10.13 or later.

I'm so angry about this experience, it's taken away 6 hours of my day and I'm back to square one. Still trying to work out how to revert back to v5 come hell or high water, because the alternative is MIGRATING AWAY from mSECURE which is a major PITA. 

I would pay to avoid this problem, but i don't want a subscription and I don't want new features, I just want things to work as they have for the last few years. mSecure was perfect, really great.

For the love of sanity, bring back the ability to reinstall version 5 for us stupid stubborn legacy users

a one-off charge to be able to install the older version would be more than acceptable. I hate subscriptions.

Thanks - Shane

David, I totally agree with you! The upgrade SHOULD have not been forced upon us. We SHOULD have been given an option to upgrade or not. I too, along with friends of mine that I recommended the app are furious. I will be contacting the Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Consumer Protection, and the Better Business Bureau and I would recommend everyone else to do the same. A class-action suit against the company would stop all this nonsense. 

I honestly think the user should have been given the opportunity to upgrade or not. To force the upgrade upon the users WITHOUT their consent or permission is totally wrong, and NOT what you would expect from a reputable company. Let alone a company that wants the TRUST of its customers given you are storing their sensitive data and passwords on the mSecure Cloud.

Now as for you, Mike Reilley, the mSecure Support Representative - You MUST be nieve to think people wouldn't get upset. You deliberately FORCED the user to upgrade and DID so WITHOUT our consent. How can one trust YOU, let alone the company?

For me, it's not necessarily about the money. It is the mere fact that mSecure upgraded my applications on both my laptop and my phone, and did so WITHOUT MY CONSENT OR PERMISSION.

Mike, et al.

Overall, I like the look/feel of mSecure6 on my computer (Win10). I like the fact that I can create new templates and reorder fields in the built-in templates. I don't even mind the fact that it's subscription-based.

What I don't like is the fact that sync through Dropbox no longer works. In addition to my computer, I use mSecure on my iPhone and my Android tablet. In both cases, the app notifies me that I'm using a old version (i.e., mSecure5) and directs me to "check the App Stored for an update and install the latest version." Unfortunately, neither the Apple App Store nor the Google Play Store have mSecure6. Without the upgrade, the mSecure records on my computer do not sync with my mSecure on my phone or tablet, presumably because the database format has changed. 

Given that you've forced an update mSecure6 for my computer, the least you do is make sure that the database remains compatible with mSecure5 since there isn't an update available (that I could find) for iOS or Android.

Totally agree with the previous comments, to have the App automatically upgrade without my permission is totally wrong.

I will be changing to a different App unless mSecure provide a way to revert back to version 5.

 To add to the others, I don't appreciate the automatic update without my permission. Wish I could go back to 5 until the mess is sorted as now WIFI syncing seems to be broken. Assuming because I've got version 5 on the Android phone and version 6 on the PC.  Now there's a nag on the Andorid version saying it's running an older version and to go to the Play store for an update. But guess what? No update in the Play store! still the latest version I already have on the phone.

 To add to the others, I don't appreciate the automatic update without my permission. Wish I could go back to 5 until the mess is sorted as now WIFI syncing seems to be broken. Assuming because I've got version 5 on the Android phone and version 6 on the PC.  Now there's a nag on the Andorid version saying it's running an older version and to go to the Play store for an update. But guess what? No update in the Play store! still the latest version I already have on the phone.

By the way, who actually received this " pre ship email" that Mike refers too?

I certainly didn't. 
And posting information on the forums etc is irrelevant, if you don't normally visit the forums, which I imagine is the case for a lot of people.

So I suspect, I like many, only found out about this nightmare when I upgraded in the app store.

Why,  wasn't mSecure6 a separate download on the App Store like was the case with the mSecure4 -> mSecure5. that way, there would not have been this problem.

I want to emphasise again that being auto-upgraded to a trial version of mSecure6 is totally unacceptable, and I also want to downgrade to mSecure5

Thank you


(My last message didn’t appear, so if it does at some point, sorry for the repetition.)


Did anyone else get the “pre-ship” e-mail that Mike referred to?

I didn’t (and yeah, I checked junk folder, etc. etc.), and also, as I hadn’t used the forums or website for a long time, I had absolutely no idea of this nightmare problem until I was auto-upgraded.

A simple upgrade should NEVER have suddenly put you on a trial version of the software. That is unforgivable for a start.

I just don’t understand why mSecure didn’t do what they did with the version 4 to version 5 upgrade. Versions 4 and 5 were different apps on the App Store, so it wasn’t possible to accidentally upgrade to version 5. This should have been done with version 6 (especially since there’s this major change about it now being a subscription service). Then all the problems would never have happened.

I can only assume it was done because people who had fully purchased the software would then just go ahead with the subscription. Well, no…. If it was £0.01 a month,I would NOT pay… there’s a principle here.

I’m also not happy about the groups feature being changed to tags. When you add a new password in mSecure now (Mac version), you can’t just select the group from a drop-down anymore. You have to start typing a tag name. This is just less convenient than it was before. Not a big deal, but software should become easier to use, not harder. I just want simple groups back, as before.

I’ve now been forced to update mSecure on all devices to version 6, because otherwise you can’t even sync between the devices anymore.

Like others, I strongly also request that mSecure allow us to downgrade all devices back to version 5, and without any loss of data.

Really not very happy about any of this.


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