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mSecure 6 user guide

Is there an an mSecure 6 user guide? I upgraded on my iPhone today and I have records missing in my All Records filter. Thanks!

Hi Lorraine,

Thank you for contacting us. We don't have a user manual, but we do have some help articles that go over some of the new features. The thing is, a user guide probably wouldn't help in this situation, but I'll do everything I can to get everything resolved.

First, can you let me know what you mean when you say records are missing? Are you saying that you're looking at a number somewhere and it doesn't match a number you remember in mSecure 5?


Thank you for your response. I was able to fix the problem, I had multiple records that were entirely missing. For example, a bank record. I removed the filters from the main screen and then highlighted them again. All of my records then appeared. I'll look for the help articles. I do think a user manual would be helpful though. I'd like to learn more about private records and the vault. Thanks!


Hi Lorraine,

It's great to hear everything is working as it should now! I figured what you were dealing with was probably centered around filtering, so it's good to hear changing the filters led to the resolution.

Essentially, our entire support site is a user manual, but I do understand you're not referring to articles but just one manual. I'm not sure we'll have a manual, but we will be adding more and more articles to help with understanding the new app. For now, here's a link to the articles we have for V6:

Also, though there are many differences in mSecure 6, most all of the articles for mSecure 5 should still translate over to mSecure 6. The UI looks different in the new version, but most of the foundational functionality is the same. 

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