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Password Reset

The password was forgotten. We went through the password reset process knowing we would lose all the data and once we came back our account became a 30 day free trial. We sent in a ticket request and mSecure sent a reply to log in with a new password, which we did and the account is still a 30 day free trial. Anyone know how to fix it so we don’t have to repay the $30? Thanks!

Hi Kitty,

Thank you for contacting us. What you're dealing with here is typically caused by having more than one mSecure account. I just checked for an account using the email you are using here for your forum account, and I was able to find it. However, there is no license applied to the account. I also checked our purchase system, and I was not able to locate your purchase.

When did you purchase your license, and do you happen to have a receipt for that purchase? If you purchased it from our website, you would have received an email confirmation for the purchase. If you purchased it from one of the app stores by clicking or tapping a purchase button from inside the app, you will need to check the app store you purchased the license from to find the receipt.

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