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I do not have a computer, I only use an apple ipad, how can I print my Datta? I want a hard copy before I attempt to migrate to the 5 on your site Can this be done?

Hi Lucy,

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, there is no way to print information in mSecure from an iOS device. However, that feature is on our radar, and we plan to implement it in a future release.

I can help you through the process of upgrading to mSecure 5 from mSecure 4, and it should be very simple process. First, it's important to note that when you install mSecure 5, it's installing alongside your mSecure 4 app. It is a completely different app, so it doesn't take over the data from the old app at all. Have you downloaded mSecure 5 yet? If you haven't, please open the App Store app on your iPad, search for mSecure in the App Store, and then download the app onto your iPad. Again, it will not install over the top of your old mSecure app. Instead, after you download it, you'll have both an mSecure 4 and an mSecure 5 app installed on your iPad.

Were you able to download mSecure onto your iPad Lucy?

Mike, am I communicating with you, only I do not want to be responding to have my issues be public I will go to the App Store and get the app Is it the 5 that I need to download? Yesterday, I got an responce that I could be able to print my mSecure passwords so I can have a hard copy

I converted this thread to an email ticket Lucy, so we'll continue our communication privately.

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