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Is there a way to "gift" a copy of mSecure to someone ??

Hi Noella,

Thank you for contacting us! There is no automated method for gifting an mSecure license at this time. However, you can purchase a license using anyone's email address on our website, and then let them know you have purchased it for them. After they find out you have purchased the license, they would simply download mSecure and sign in to the account that gets created when you purchase the license.

The process would be like this:

  1. Go to and click on the banner at the very top of the page, or click "ON SALE FOR $19.99" in the top right
  2. Go through the purchase process, and enter whoever's email address you would like to enter (just make sure it's not your own email address)
  3. After the purchase is made, email the person you purchased the license for and let them know about the gift

The one thing to note here is that they will receive an email purchase confirmation fairly quickly after you make the purchase, so they might wonder what's happening. It would be good to tell them they'll be receiving a purchase confirmation about an mSecure purchase, but that they were not charged for the purchase =)

Mike...I've tried doing this, and it brings me to a page where I need to enter a password to "finish" the purchase.  Is this part necessary ?? I would rather they create their own account password.

Hi Noella,

I'm sorry I forgot about that part of the process. You should set a temporary password for the account, and then they should change the password immediately after they sign in to it. If you don't set the password for the account, it's ok, but they will need to reset the account first before they'll be able to sign in to it. If you have already made the purchase, and the account needs to be reset, it's not difficult to do, and I can help you with process.

Thanks all worked out...

That's great news Noella! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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