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mSecure stuck in full screen mode

mSecure on my Mac has stuck in full screen mode. So I can't access any of the app menus. I ought to be able to get back to "standard" view when pressing escape, but it doesn't. How to solve this?

Fixed. By some reason I had to move the cursor to the top of the screen, and then a menu came down from the top. Strange, first app I've seen that uses thuis instead of escape. But at least it works.

Ok, it seems if I drag my cursor to the very very top of the screen-at the very top where the mSecure border is, a menu comes down. Strange solution but at least it works.

Hi Tomas,

You can use mSecure in fullscreen mode, and it will work like any app in that mode. But you don't have to use it that way. You can also open it up in windowed mode where it shows up as a window on your screen instead of taking up the whole screen. 

As you found out, for any app in fullscreen mode on a Mac, you have to hover over the very top of the screen to show the menubar. That bar is hidden in fullscreen mode so none of the app's contents get obscured. For clarification, this is not an mSecure feature but a macOS feature, and it works the same way for all apps installed on your Mac.

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