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Change Password

In my device (Iphone) is possible to use with thouch ID, but I forgot my passaword.

I used the free verson mSecure 5.

How can i reset the password ?

Hi Ladmir,

Changing your password using Touch ID is only possible with a paid license. Actually, using Touch ID to unlock mSecure is part of the paid license, but there is a bug in the app that makes it possible to use Touch ID even if you don't have a license. Are you planning on purchasing a Pro license? If so, I can offer you a discount on the purchase.

Yes, I intend to use the paid license.

Can you guide me on how to make the purchase?

Hi Ladmir,

As an existing customer, we are offering a significant discount from the cost. You can purchase a Pro license at 50% off on our site:

When you load that page, you'll see the current sale price of $19.99 is displayed, which is 33% off the normal price. However, after you click one of the buttons to purchase, you'll see that the 50% discount has been applied, and the price will be $14.99 instead.

Be sure to enter the same email address you are using for your mSecure 5 account. If you don't, a new account will be created, and the license will be applied to it, which always creates a lot of confusion.

I bought the license

That great to hear Ladmir! Thank you very much for your time, and please let us know should you need further assistance.

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