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Not available in Google Play or Microsoft Store

We were sent a link to download app for android, but it will not accept my QR Code. And strangely, it is only accepting the password from Msecure 4, not from when I updated to 5.

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Hi Deb,

The app available on our site works exactly like the app that was in the Play Store. There is something going wrong here, but it's not what you are describing. The likely cause of what's happening here is that you have multiple mSecure accounts, but I can't be sure of that. Do you have mSecure 5 running on any other devices?

I can't find mSecure 5 on the Android Play store. I've used this app for years and I just switched back from about 6 months on an Apple iphone to a Galaxy Note, and I can't locate any option to download a current app. I am a Pro account member and I really like this app. Is there a problem or a work around for this? Or am I missing something?

@Tom The mSecure app is now back on the Play Store, so no need to side-load the APK from our site. Here's the link to the Play Store app in case it's needed:

Unfortunately the APK provides little to no temporary solution. I have a pro purchase but with this version I can't restore my backup file. Any eta on play store?

@Dolf The APK on our site is the exact APK we will be uploading to the Play Store. It has all the same capabilities, so whatever is going wrong, it's shouldn't be because it wasn't downloaded from the Play Store. What happens when you try to restore from your backup file?

It tells me it's a pro feature. At the bottom of the options pull-down it also says the trial has expired. When I go to my account settings it tells me "account type:free" and the upgrade link leads to the blank play store page. I do still have my play store receipt for the pro license.

@Dolf I'm not sure what's happening here, but if you can send post the receipt here, I can make sure everything set up correctly on your account. Are you ok to post that here, or should we move that over to email instead?

Email would probably be better. I'm not sure how sensitive the information on the receipt is. Where do you want me to send it to?

@Dolf Go ahead and send us an email at, and add "Attention Mike: Account Check" as the subject. After you have sent the email, let me know here, and I'll respond as soon as I see it.

Email has been sent.

@Dolf I just responded to you. We'll keep all correspondence via email from here on out.

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