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mSecure data lost forever? I hope not...

My google pixel 3 was having a problem connecting to wifi,so google advised me to do a factory reset. When reinstalling all my apps from backup, msecure did not download and I cannot find it in the app store. I downloaded the app on my windows laptop but when I try to login, it says I need an authentication key or QR code. I have looked up and down - in both email accounts, in my laptop files, on my external hard drive.. it is no where to be found, and if I did receive this at some point, it was so long ago that I can't even remember ever seeing it. I am moving across the country in less than 2 weeks and do not have my login and password data for many many accounts including banking, government sites, etc for updating my address among other things. I am at a total loss of what to do. I have an old version of msecure 4 on my tablet that have some stuff but it's obviously old and outdated. Please help!!

Hi Sophie,

I'm really sorry to hear about what's happening here, which I'm sure is a lot of added stress on top of your big move. Before doing a factory reset, it is always best to make backup of your mSecure data, and then move it off the device. I know that may not be helpful now, but if you did that, we can use the backup to restore your data. Without a backup of the data, I'm not sure how we're going to be able to retrieve your information. You mention needing a QR code, but I'm not sure at this point if you were actually using mSecure 5, which is the first version that makes use of the QR code for account ownership authentication. I have a feeling you were using the older mSecure 4 app, but I can't confirm that suspicion.

First, did you make a backup of your data from inside mSecure before you performed the reset? If not, do you by any chance have access to the data in mSecure on a different device, perhaps a desktop computer? 

No, i did not even think to make a back up as when I changed my phone a year or so ago, the transition was just seamless and all my data was there; like it was autobacking up to a cloud or something. I do have some data on a msecure 4 version on my tablet but it is clearly outdated, things I added a year ago are not in there. Is msecure able to confirm whether I had version 5? I don't recall ever getting a QR code but I do think I might have paid for msecure at some point (5 is paid, version 4 was free wasn't it?). Is msecure able to check what version I had using my login email if I provide it?

For quick clarification, the mSecure 4 app was never free. There were times when it was sold at a discount, but the typical cost was $9.99.

Unfortunately, mSecure can't check to see if you have an account. An email address needs to be provided and a password, and if those credentials work to log you in, then you will be logged in. However, I just checked our system for an account with the email you are using here, but I found it. The problem is, it's a free account, so there would be no or little data stored in it. The trial was started back in November of 2019, but the sync feature was disabled for the account, so no data was getting pushed to the server. It doesn't sound like that was actually the account you were using, but I can't be sure. Are you trying to sign in to an account with the email address you are using here?

Regardless of the account you were using, in order to get back into it, you would need to have the QR code, unless you were to go through the account reset process. At the end of the day, in order to get the data back, we're going to have a backup or another device on which you have access to the data.

I am trying using this account,but it could very well be an address.

I just checked for an account using that email address, and there isn't one in our system. As mentioned at the end of my last message, you will need a QR code in order to authenticate as the owner of the account, so I believe that's going to be a problem here. If you have another email address, I can search for an account. If you were signed in to it with either an iOS device or Mac, it's possible you will be able to authenticate without a QR code.

I'm very confident it was registered under the Gmail account I am using here. I don't recall ever receiving a QR code. I am very organized with filing my emails and would never have deleted it.

@Sophie There is an account using your address, but it is not a paid account, and the sync setting is disabled. With the sync setting disabled, that means no data would be uploaded to the mSecure Cloud. It would have only been stored locally on whatever device was running the mSecure app. Does that make sense?

Well that's horrible. can you please delete this forum post so my email addresses are not out there? Thanks

No problem. I just removed the first part of the two email address I saw, and left and I don't think I missed a spot where there is an email address showing, but if I did, please let me know, and I'll remove it to.

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