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msecure keeps crashing on my iMac

Hi, I have been a msecure user for many years now. I use on a multitude of devices (iPad, iPhone and iMac) and I sync the data on msecure could. Lately, while msecure still works fine on iphone and ipad, my iMac version (the one I use the most) keeps crashing. When I am able to login, any copy-paste of a password from msecure triggers a crash. But sometime, just entering the app makes it crash... I tried to delete the app and reinstall (w/o loosing the DB...), but same thing. I am wondering if the local copy of the DB is corrupted ? Can you please let me know what I could do ? I sent a crash log a couple of weeks ago through the msecure tool, but did not hear back.

Hi Pierre,

We have recently been working with an mSecure 6 beta tester who was running into a similar problem, and we determined the issue was a long-stanging bug in the app. To fix this, you should only have to delete all of the automatically created backup files stored in your iCloud account. To do that, open your iCloud Drive account on your Mac, then open the "mSecure" folder. In that folder, you should see one folder named with a bunch of random characters. Open that folder, and you should see a "backups" folder. Delete all of the contents from that folder.

After you do that, does the app still crash? 

I have 5.7.2 and have tried to clear my back-up folder in my dropbox account and it still crashes on all my iMacs. Do you have any suggestions?

I confirm that I am having the same issue still, similar to Larry. Can msecure help please ?

@Larry and @Pierre You should not be clearing out the backups folder in your Dropbox account. You need to clear out the backups folder in your iCloud Drive account. Please follow the instructions below:

If on a Mac:

  1. Open a Finder window, and open your iCloud Drive folder (not your Dropbox backups are stored there)
  2. Open the mSecure folder
  3. Open the folder that is named with what looks to be a bunch of random characters
  4. Delete the folder named "backups"

If on an iOS device:

  1. Open the Files app (not the Dropbox backups are stored there)
  2. Open the mSecure folder
  3. Open the folder that is named with what looks to be a bunch of random characters
  4. Delete the folder named "backups"

I did delete the backup files under the icloud drive and I still see the issue.

I don't use iCloud so I don't have anything but Dropbox

@Larry mSecure makes encrypted backups to your iCloud account regardless of whether or not you are using Dropbox syncing. It's just the default backup mechanism that helps keep your data safe should anything go wrong with data on your device.

@Larry I'm not sure why the issue continues after deleting the backup folder, so I'm going to have you try something else. For @Larry, you mentioned that you use Dropbox syncing. Go ahead and open your Dropbox folder, then find this file: /Dropbox/Apps/mSecure 5/userId/data.mssb. For iCloud: iCloud/mSecure/userId/data.mssb

Delete the "data.mssb" file, and then try opening mSecure again. Does the crashing still happen?


@Pierre What sync feature are you using in mSecure?

Thank you Mike for your advise but I still cant seem to get it from crashing on my iMacs. I haven't been abel to access the iCloud you are referring to. 

@Larry What happens when you try to access the file I'm telling you about in Dropbox or iCloud? You will have to delete that file before we can go further in troubleshooting, because it could be the cause of the issue. If you can tell me something about why you having problems, I can help.

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