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Backup not working, creates 0KB file

I'm unable to back up my msecure on Android device. It says backup created in backup folder and then the app flashes closed and back open and there is a backup file that is 0 kb in size which is empty. My automatic backup has not been running for a year. If anyone has a solution I'd be very grateful. Esp since msecure doesn't seem to reply to tickets which is great customer service!

Hi Jay,

Thank you for contacting us, and I’m sorry for the time it has taken to receive a reply from us. We’re backed up in support right now, so response times are significantly higher than normal. The forum will typically have faster response times, so if you need help quickly when an email hasn't been answered within a couple of days, posting the question here is best.

Regarding your issue, I don't know what's causing this to happen, but it isn't a known bug. Can you let me know which version of mSecure you're running? Once I know that, I'll try to help.

thx. this is causing me a lot of issue because i can't backup and transfer my data to a new phone.

msecure5 version

is there an alternative way to get the msecure data out of this phone and into a new phone?


If you have the new phone, you can simply install mSecure on it, and then use the mSecure Cloud sync feature to get the data over to mSecure on your new phone. 

One thing to mention, mSecure is not available in the Play Store due to some problems we are experiencing, but it can be download from our website now. However, it's possible that if you download it, future updates to the app once it's back in the Play Store won't be see. Be sure to check for updates in the Play app in the future to make sure mSecure is up to date on your Android device(s).

The mSecure 5 APK can be downloaded here:

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