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Msecure app 5 is not available at Google play store

Hi, I didn't get the msecure app at Google play. I change my phone (new android 11) and I want to download app and restore data from Dropbox. Could you give some direction?

Hi Roberto,

Thank you for contacting us. We have run into some problems with mSecure in the Play Store, and we’re hoping to have them resolved soon. Unfortunately, it will not be available for a short time while we work to resolve the issues. Please check back in a day or two, as we hope it will be resolved quickly.

Give us a timeframe please. Need to reinstall on new phone and Msecure is not visible on Playstore. When is this solved?

@Daniel The mSecure app is now back on the Play Store, so no need to side-load the APK from our site. Here's the link to the Play Store app in case it's needed:

When I try to download from the website I get "try again". When I try to use the above link my phone says the link is unsafe.

@Shiriley Your device is telling you the link is unsafe because it's an actual app being downloaded from a website. It's ok to download it, though, because you know what the app is, and who the developer is. They put in the messages about it being unsafe, because many people download apps they shouldn't from untrusted developers. Should not want to download the app from the link, you can wait because we believe the app could be back in the Play Store as soon as tomorrow.

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