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Changed e-mail

can anyone help me because i'm getting a little desperate and no-one from mSecure is contacting me and there does not appear to be a phone number to contact and speak to someone. i changed my emai a year ago so whenever they send a QR code i cannot access it and because i was automatically updated to the latest version of mSecure, i cannot now access any of my emails. I AM STUCK. if anyone has a solution to this or someway of contacting mSecure help desk i would be more than grateful.


Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing here. When you say you aren't able to access any of your emails, can you explain that further? Is it because you need the password for signing in to your email account, and that password is in mSecure?

Also, when you say you were automatically updated to the latest version of mSecure, I'm not sure what you mean here. If you were running mSecure 4 in the past, then that version of the app cannot be automatically updated. mSecure 5 is an entirely different app in the App Store, so it has to be downloaded manually to be installed. Did you upgrade your device by chance, and did mSecure 5 get installed on it when you transferred over to the new phone?

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