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PC & iPhone not syncing

I'm trying to sync between my PC and my iPhone. PC appears to be up-to-date with entries but noticed that my iPhone is missing entries. When I go to settings on my iPhone, I see that the network assigned to the phone is <ethernet>, with a red connection diagram beneath it yet the sync status & home network appears appears OK on my PC. I've gone to Settings - Main Computer  and have toggled on & off but no change. What am I missing?

@Laura It's great to hear everything is working via mSecure Cloud syncing! The different between the two sync features is that your data is stored remotely in the cloud with mSecure Cloud syncing. However, the data is stored in an encrypted form using an incredibly strong toke called your Account Key. This is different, and much stronger than the master password you use for unlocking the mSecure app, and your data never leaves your device without first being encrypted with that key. Once the data is stored on the cloud, the only way to access it is to first decrypt the data, but that is all but impossible due to the strength of the Account Key. For clarification, only your device has access to the Account Key, and only you have access to your mSecure Password, unless you have given it to someone else, of course. We don't have access to either of those pieces of information, so your data is secure wherever it is stored.

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