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mSecure 5.7.2 Crashing on iOS and Mac


As of today, mSecure will not open on any of my Apple devices. It won't even stay open long enough to submit a log. Anyone else having this problem?

Hi Wade,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. So far as I'm aware, other customers are not experiencing this issue. It sounds like there may be something in your data causing some type of issue when a sync is attempted. I checked your account, and it looks like you are using Dropbox syncing, so I'm going to have you try renaming the sync file real quick to see if that will have any effect on the problem. After renaming the file, mSecure will create a new one the next time it tries to sync.

To rename the sync file, open your Dropbox folder and find the "Apps" folder. Inside the "Apps" folder you should see a folder called "mSecure 5". Open that folder and rename the "data.mssb" file to "-data.mssb". After it's renamed, go ahead and open mSecure and unlock it.

Did that have any effect on the problem?

Hey Mike,

THANK YOU!!! Yes, that did work. So grateful. 

Why would it have been an issue just here lately? 

Hi Wade,

It's great to hear that fixed the problem! While I'm not sure what could have caused it to happen, there can be hiccups when data is being saved to Dropbox, and that can cause strange glitches like this. Somehow, a bad piece of data gets stored in the sync file, and once that happens, mSecure doesn't know what to do with it. It's possible there is a bug here that we would need to fix, but it's hard to tell. For most apps, when something like this happens, you simply analyze the data to try and isolate the problem, but since the data is your sensitive information we can't do that in mSecure =)  It makes debugging these types of issues difficult. Now if it happens again, and is a consistent problem, that would be different. If you do experience this again, let me know, because something happening more than once in a short time usually points to a bug, and we could then try to implement some type of logging in the app to pinpoint the issue.

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