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clearing the cache on the android app

Is it safe/okay to clear the cache of the mSecure Android app? I have an older android phone with very little RAM and mSecure is taking up over 20 MB all by itself. Can I clear this without causing myself any grief?



Hi Richard,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not entirely sure how the cache deletion will work here, since this is not a common issue. What I would do is make a backup of your data first, unless you have your data synced between multiple devices, which means there's no fear of data loss. After that, you can either reinstall mSecure altogether, or you can simply try deleting the app's cache.

Before you do anything, however, can you let me know which version of mSecure you are running? Also, do you have your data synced between multiple devices, or it is only running on your one Android device?

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